Friday, July 10, 2015

Cheeseburger Paradise - P'Unk Burger: Philadelphia, PA

Mmm, cheeseburger
Photo Credit: TH
What: P’Unk Burger
Where: 1823 E. Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA
Order: Big Man on Campus Burger with sea salt seasoned fries and Maine Cane cola

Okay, so first, an explanation. I deleted my main Tumblr a month ago in an attempt to spend less time on the computer. With that, I also deleted the original Holzerman Hungers, and then some Russian outfit claimed the url because the Internet is a lovely place. However, I felt a void in my life without an outlet to dispense my food musings ‘n stuff, so Holzerman Hungers has returned with a more topical url. Enjoy.

And of course, the first post back is about a cheeseburger. Of course it is. This burger comes from a joint called P’Unk Burger, a South Philly establishment that specializes in local and organic ingredients. It has a bit of a punk rock ethos, but the name comes from shortening the word “Passyunk,” the street which the joint is located. The menu contains a few set burger options, as well as a diverse palette of options on its “create-a-burger” slate. I wasn’t in the mood for playing with topping combos, and besides, one option on the menu called out to me: The Big Man on Campus.

This selection not only contained cheese on top, but it had cheese stuffed in the middle of the actual beef. Minnesotans know that style of burger to be called the “Jucy Lucy,” and believe me, when made right, it’s a blessing of a food item. The Big Man on Campus was definitely made right. The beef was seasoned perfectly and was flavorful, which isn’t a given for any burger. An adequate burger can coast on its toppings with bland beef, but a great burger has flavor all the way through.

The cheese in the middle oozed out of the patty on first bite and dripped onto the golden yellow, crispy shoestring fries. While the grease level was a bit much, it at least was proof of flavor. Additionally, the other toppings were on point, especially the tomato. Again, tomato is an ingredient that has a tendency to be bland, but these tomatoes had some bite to them. The burger also had something called “garlic insanity” bacon, which combines two of my favorite kinds of food. Sadly, I don’t think I “got” the garlic on it, but the bacon itself was that harmonic balance between crispy and chewy and played perfectly on top of the burger.

I washed it down with Maine Cane soda. It packs a sweet punch, bordering on cloying. I thought it paired well with the rich burger and salty fries, but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like too sweet tastes, then you might want to opt for water or even a milkshake.

Either way, I was greatly satisfied with my trip to P’Unk Burger. It’s secured at least one return trip, and I think if you’re in South Philly, it’s definitely worth your time and money.