Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cocco's Gelateria: Primos, PA

Gelato for one, gelato for all, gelato for me
Photo Credit: TH
What: Cocco’s Gelateria
Where: 550 S. Oak Avenue, Primos, PA
Order: Medium sundae with coffee and chocolate chip cookie gelato, hot caramel, and whipped cream, donut shop coffee

The Cocco brand name is synonymous with pizza in eastern Delaware County. It has several joints all around the cradle of Wawa, and it’s reached the point where the name has exceeded the quality. While I don’t care for the pizza places (the Mrs. says that the cheesesteaks are good though), the name is attached to one of my favorite dessert spots near my domicile.

The name suggests that it specializes in gelato, the Italian take on ice cream that has lower milkfat and lower air content than regular ice cream, thus making it silkier and thicker. It also has sorbet and ice cream, making it a full-service frozen treat facility. It also has a various assortment of baked goods and accouterments to go with the above milky canvases offered. You want a cannoli filled with gelato? You can have one! Do you want your ice cream on top of a Belgian waffle? Knock yourself out. You want a cup of coffee to offset the cold? Hell yeah!

I’ve been here a few times, enough to know that whatever flavor of ice cream or gelato you want will deliver. On my latest visit, I decided to go with a gelato sundae. Whenever presented the choice between ice cream and gelato, I go with the latter as personal preference. I combined coffee and chocolate chip cookie gelato with hot caramel topping, three flavors that go together well. And since I’m a “coffee goes with anything” guy, I got myself a donut shop coffee in one of their big ceramic mugs. It was a great dessert. The gelato, as always, was luxurious and gave me distinct satisfaction, as any dessert should. And the coffee was the perfect compliment. Coffee with coffee gelato? I think a meme featuring Xhibit is in order here. But I digress.

If you’re ever in suburban Philly, Delaware County to be exact, skip Cocco’s if you want to get something savory to eat. But no matter where you go for dinner, seek out the Gelateria for dessert. The versatility of its selections and the absolute quality of its frozen wares and baked goods make it a must-eat-at place for anyone who loves an icy sweet treat after dinner.