Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Food Power Poll: Thanksgiving Side Dishes

The king of Thanksgiving sides
Photo Credit: TH
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it revolves around food. In unrelated news, I have no idea how I've gotten to be over 300 lbs. in weight. Oh well. Anyway, for most households, turkey is the main attraction, although some people may substitute ham, strip loin, goose, or some other protein. However, everyone knows that Thanksgiving is all about side dishes, as far as the eye can see. I will now rank the top ten side dishes in descending order. These rankings are final, and if you argue with them, I will kill you*:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TH Cooks: Creamed Chipped Beef

Call it SOS at your own peril; this stuff is GOOD
Photo Credit: TH
Creamed chipped beef is a staple if you're one of two people: military adjacent or a native of Pennsylvania. Its nickname, "shit on a shingle," is far from flattering. I don't know how well it usually gets made in army mess halls to get that name, but it's not a diner staple in the Philadelphia area because it tastes bad. When made right, creamed chipped beef is a hearty, creamy, delicious breakfast. In fact, it's like sawmill or country gravy, only with tangy, salty beef in it. You can also put it on nearly anything: toast, home fries/hash browns, waffles, or my personal favorite, donuts. However, the biscuit is probably the most appropriate means of conveyance.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jack's Delicatessen: Philadelphia, PA

The Chosen People know how to eat
Photo Credit: TH
What: Jack's Delicatessen
Where: 8500 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA (northeast corner of intersection with Tustin Street)
Order: Jack's Special (Corned beef special) with Swiss cheese, onion rings

American Jewish people have quite the amazing spectrum of culinary offerings. One end contains things that I might generously called "acquired tastes." Gefilte fish and chopped liver, for examples, that I might need amazing amounts of coaxing - or alcohol - to even think about trying. But it's not all weird offal and seafood. In the hands of a seasoned bubby, roasted brisket is amazing. Matza ball soup has curative properties. Kugel works both as a savory side and a sweet dessert. Blintzes, latkes, various pastries... the Chosen People certainly know how to eat.