Thursday, April 21, 2016

Jack's Delicatessen: Philadelphia, PA

The Chosen People know how to eat
Photo Credit: TH
What: Jack's Delicatessen
Where: 8500 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA (northeast corner of intersection with Tustin Street)
Order: Jack's Special (Corned beef special) with Swiss cheese, onion rings

American Jewish people have quite the amazing spectrum of culinary offerings. One end contains things that I might generously called "acquired tastes." Gefilte fish and chopped liver, for examples, that I might need amazing amounts of coaxing - or alcohol - to even think about trying. But it's not all weird offal and seafood. In the hands of a seasoned bubby, roasted brisket is amazing. Matza ball soup has curative properties. Kugel works both as a savory side and a sweet dessert. Blintzes, latkes, various pastries... the Chosen People certainly know how to eat.