Wednesday, November 22, 2017

TH Cooks: Sausage Leek Dressing/Stuffing

Pro-Tip: Don't let the broiler get away from you or else you'll get some black spots on the bread. It's still really good though.
Photo Credit: TH
I posted this recipe back when Holzerman Hungers was on Tumblr, but it's a Thanksgiving staple here at the ol' homestead. Stuffing, or dressing if you're making it separate and not stuffing it in the bird, is a must on any Thanksgiving plate. When I was younger and spent Thanksgiving with my family, we used to have two stuffings/dressings on the table, one with potatoes and one with sausage. In addition to being super-starchy, the potato stuffing was usually bland. The sausage stuffing, however, was the best thing on the table most of the time. However, when I got engaged, I started eating Thanksgiving with Amanda's family. Their stuffing contains livers and giblets and other pieces of offal. I respect the dedication to using all the turkey, but it's just not my bag. So in order to have stuffing on my plate on Thanksgiving, I started making my own when we got married and started hosting it at our house.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Piccini: Ocean City, NJ

One hell of a pie
Photo Credit: TH
What: Piccini Wood Fired Brick Oven Pizza
Where: West Avenue and 13th Street, Ocean City, NJ
Order: 12-inch Piccini Special (fresh spinach and basil, San Marzano tomatoes, blend of mozzarella and mild provolone cheeses on a garlic/olive oil base), 12-inch Sharp Provolone and Broccoli Rabe (self-explanatory, right? also with roasted red peppers on a garlic/olive oil base), eight-inch red pie with mushrooms and bacon for the kids

Guy Fieri is a mixed bag in the world of food, a veritable John Cena figure in that some people love him and others despise him. Regardless, his show on Food Network, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives remains a vital resource for anyone looking for great restaurants that aren't your normal chain fare or are high-fallutin' fine dining establishments. Not only is it a must-reference for eaters, both local and travelling, but the show is a boon for small businesses, perhaps the biggest success for those standalone establishments in these trying times. I've been to a few of these establishments, and not once has my meal been anything less than stellar. Triple D has a sterling track record.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

You Can Has Cheezburger: A Semi-Definitive Tier Ranking of Burgers Across America

God bless you, cheeseburger, especially ye what hail from In N Out
Photo Credit: TH
The hamburger/cheeseburger has roots in German cuisine (look up the Hamburg steak), but the sandwich as mostly everyone knows it is an American invention. Whether you believe it was created in Texas or New Haven, CT or wherever, the burger is in the American Food Pantheon along with the hot dog and the apple pie. It's perhaps the most ubiquitous fast food in the country, whether in pure fast food places, mid-tier, quasi-sitdown joints, or as the "fast" or "cheap" option at a regular restaurant. So needless to say, America has an overabundance of burgers. Granted, everyone has their favorite local burger joint. Every town has a great place to get a piece of ground-up meat slapped inside a bun with cheese and possibly other toppings. However, some joints are nationwide or at least partially nationwide. I will attempt to rank the ones you can get in more than just a few locales.