Tuesday, February 7, 2017

You Can Has Cheezburger: A Semi-Definitive Tier Ranking of Burgers Across America

God bless you, cheeseburger, especially ye what hail from In N Out
Photo Credit: TH
The hamburger/cheeseburger has roots in German cuisine (look up the Hamburg steak), but the sandwich as mostly everyone knows it is an American invention. Whether you believe it was created in Texas or New Haven, CT or wherever, the burger is in the American Food Pantheon along with the hot dog and the apple pie. It's perhaps the most ubiquitous fast food in the country, whether in pure fast food places, mid-tier, quasi-sitdown joints, or as the "fast" or "cheap" option at a regular restaurant. So needless to say, America has an overabundance of burgers. Granted, everyone has their favorite local burger joint. Every town has a great place to get a piece of ground-up meat slapped inside a bun with cheese and possibly other toppings. However, some joints are nationwide or at least partially nationwide. I will attempt to rank the ones you can get in more than just a few locales.